Build sustainably

GCC implemented a sustainable development policy aimed at balancing economic performance with environmental issues. Its commitment to the environment is deeply aligned with its core values and is present in all of the projects and operations carried out by the Construction and Energy Divisions.

GCC sees sustainable development as an exciting source of progress. This commitment has lead the Group to adapt its offers, review its production methods and innovate with the view to offer its clients high-performing solutions in terms of the environment and energy efficiency.

Building energy performance

The Group's teams work towards a defined level of performance. This is also shown in its eco-design approach to producing environmentally-friendly buildings and technical installations (new works, restoration, maintenance).

The operational entities call upon the Technical Engineering Department's expertise in energy and the environment for their design and construction phases.

Adapted production methods

Our commitment to the environment can also be seen in our use of eco-friendly behaviour during the construction phase. Simple, effective measures are applied to the worksites. These are used to reduce consumption of raw materials and energy, limit waste, recycle and reuse and reduce other nuisances.

Commitment by all

This commitment to the environment is backed by the entire Group, by its staff but also by its partners - clients, suppliers and sub-contractors.

Sustainable development also makes our services attractive to future employees who are increasingly sensitive to the environmental policies of the companies for whom they work.