Global offerings

Public-Private Partnerships

With its know-how as a lead contractor, GCC Group is able to bring together and organise all of the expertise required to finance, design, build and handle the maintenance of large-scale operations. It covers all components of the project from the most basic functions to the highest sustainable development constraints. This is how GCC Group has be able to become a leading player in this market.


The Group's resources also come into play for complex DBOM (Design, Build, Operate, Maintain) projects. For this type of call for tenders, GCC Group works with project managers (architects, consultants) to prepare its project. In addition to its role as a constructor, the Group is involved throughout the project design phase with the support of its Studies teams to validate the selection of solutions.



GCC responded to the surge in energy performance requirements by offering its clients its global construction expertise and technical skills.

Its teams are able to design and build energy performance projects, bring these up to standards and guarantee their results through an EPC.