History of the Group

With over a century working in the field, GCC Group is one of the leading French Construction and Energy actors. Independent since 1999, GCC is majority-owned by its employees and executives.

The diversity of its areas of expertise means it can offer its public and private clients innovative solutions that best match their needs.
"Our entrepreneurial spirit" characterises the mind-set of the men and women of this solid, responsible and ambitious Group.

EI : Civil Engineering and Construction

Creation and development of Enérgie Industrielle
Energie Industrielle becomes the French leader in electricity distribution.
A projects department is spun off as a subsidiary under the name Entreprise Industrielle (EI).

After building the Tignes dam (1947-1952), EI completes many large-scale public works and construction projects.

In 1996, the Civil Engineering and Construction department was made into a subsidiary under the name of EI GCC.

1999: EI GCC becomes independent. It is bought by its executives and employees.

GCC : From Independence to Growth

2000 to today

EI GCC becomes GCC.

GCC Group enjoys a period of internal and external growth through its Construction Division.

It builds is Energy Division by buying companies specialised in HVAC, electrical engineering, technical building management and hydraulics and mechanics.

It has the teams and resources needed to accompany its clients in large-scale operations from conception, construction and financing through to maintenance and operating. It also becomes a benchmark operator for in the public-private partnership market.