HR Policy

Join GCC Group to be part of a leading Construction and Public Works operators renowned for its expertise in Construction, Energy and Property Development.

"An entrepreneurial spirit" and human relations are placed at the forefront of the Group's collective success - our strength is in our men and women.

You will participate in the design, construction and maintenance of high-performance buildings and fittings.

You will be involved in sustainable development actions that contribute greatly to improving quality of life and show respect for the environment.

Our Human Resource priorities

Because it owes its success to its men and women, GCC Group is committed to cultivating their talents and enriching their skills.
Recruitment, integration, career guidance and promotion, training and skill management: the Human Resource teams take clear steps and use a variety of tools to accompany employees on their career path.

Our core beliefs

Our work is based on simple values that represent the Group's history and are at the heart of its corporate culture: being an example, showing respect, team spirit and passion.
 As well as their "entrepreneurial spirit", the autonomy, initiative and sense of responsibility installed in its teams and operational methods are the backbone of its collective successes.

Our responsibilities

"Socially responsible company": seeing diversity as a source of wealth and performance, GCC Group actively seeks to employ a wide variety of profiles. The Group has a number of training, employment and reinsertion programmes for unqualified young workers particularly in urban areas experiencing employment issues.
Safety: essential to construction itself, work safety and the physical well being of its employees is given absolute priority. The "zero accident" goal applied in all branches and subsidiaries is part of a simple and pragmatic series of actions aimed at informing, encouraging responsibility and prevention.


Patisson G., 26 years old, Site Worker - Construction Division
"It's been already seven years since I started at GCC where I began as an assistant form setter and I am now a confirmed form setter. The training I have received from GCC has help me assert myself and grow within a major company that holds a lot of future opportunities for me."

Arnaud P, 41 years old, Technical Director - Construction Division
"As Site Manager I handle technical work sites with high environmental demands. My job helps me use all my skills: project management, budget follow-up, management and sales. My role is not just technical; I represent the company to our clients on a daily basis."

Claire L., 29 years old, Research Officer - Energy Division
"Other than the technical and financial side, the human aspect to our job is vital. Our in-depth knowledge, concise methodology, capacity to synthesis and availability are all advantages that help build long-lasting relationships and therefore customer loyalty."