Human development

The GCC Group honours its social responsibility towards its employees. It is committed to their safety and professional quality of life, their involvement and career development.

With the conviction that fully committed men and women are its prime asset, GCC Group has a pro-active and pragmatic Human Resources policy. This policy focuses on work satisfaction, developing skills and encouraging talents.

Promote sustained employment

To accompany its developing business, the Group focuses on retaining its talent and employees on the long-term. It has a strong recruitment policy for labour and managerial staff. The vast majority of its staff are employed on permanent contracts.

Promote social and professional inclusion and equal opportunities

"Socially responsible company", GCC sees diversity as a source of wealth and performance. This is embedded in its everyday business through the training, employment and inclusion of unqualified young workers. Several inclusion approaches are currently used, particularly in urban centres with job insecurity.

Provide a positive outlook for all

The annual assessment "Progress Meeting" scheme accompanies all GCC Group employees. This management tool is a privileged channel of communication to take stock of performance and position. It helps assess skills and select individually adapted training programmes. It improves understanding of individual situations and promotes mobility within the Group's projects.

Accompany senior staff

As part of a join agreement, GCC implements 14 measures based on building career paths, improving working conditions, preventing occupational health risks and managing end of career arrangements.