Our core activities

Drawing from its initial expertise in large-scale construction, civil engineering and local projects, GCC Group has expanded its skill base to guide its private and public clients through market changes. All of the Construction branches and subsidiaries offer a broad range of construction, renovation and rehabilitation services. They take on the overall management of operations as general contractor or in a design-build capacity.

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Large Scale Construction

Large-scale construction operations represent one of GCC Group's core activities. Our branches and subsidiaries have the know-how to independently handle large-scale construction projects while meeting quality standards and cost constraints. Their technical skill and competitiveness has earned them the respect of their clients.

Civil Engineering - Public Works - Waterproofing

The Group has the necessary technical skills, human resources and specialised equipment to handle complex public works projects. Its activities range from road works through to industrial infrastructures, particularly in sanitation and various networks.
GCC's Construction Division's skills range from industrial civil engineering to any kind of construction project.
It handles waterproofing projects for underground structures, water retention basins and cover structures.

Local Projects

GCC Group's entities carry out maintenance and building restoration work. The teams assigned to these projects focus on being attentive to their clients' needs.

General Contractor Work

Skilled in both design and production, the Group's operational entities have become experts in project management and "all trades" solutions.
There is a true partnership established between our teams and their sub-contractors to ensure projects run as smoothly and coherently as possible. Our common goal is to pertinently and efficiently meet our clients' requests in terms of cost, performance and deadlines while guaranteeing the quality and safety of all our operations.


In collaboration with our Technical Department and its structure team, our worksite framework sets out individual performance methods for each operation so as to provide efficient technical solutions.
These methods focus on employee safety, reducing nuisances to third parties and improving energy efficiency.
All our operations focus on enhancing the value of the existing structures.


GCC handles complex set-ups and multi-disciplinary skills with the precision of an orchestra conductor. Its know-how and success lie in its capacity to federate architects and consultancy firms while drawing on its design and construction teams' pragmatism.
This global approach means all project collaborators are involved right from the design phase and are able to provide quality solutions that perfectly match our clients' needs.

Nuclear Expertise

GCC Group's Nuclear Civil Engineering Department has over 25 years experience in various national nuclear sites.
Its activities cover a large range of projects: new construction, renovation of units when operating, earthquake proofing existing buildings, separate civil engineering work packages, general contractor, design-build, and more.
GCC group is particularly qualified in the nuclear sector thanks to the technical expertise, rigour and precision of its Studies and Construction teams. This means it is able to meet the highest nuclear regulations and specific construction constraints.
GCC Nuclear also holds the highest professional qualifications for reinforced concrete construction and is accredited with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, the French CERFI certification and the K1 EDF qualification.