Our Entrepreneurial Spirit

Our Group defines itself by its "entrepreneurial spirit"; this perfectly illustrates our mind-set and the full commitment of GCC's men and women.

To rise to the challenge of our changing markets and projects and our clients' increasing needs, we have seen the value in rethinking our methods, gaining new skills and welcoming new talents.

From our initial business line in Construction to the integration of Energy technical activities, the GCC Group has become a national leader in Construction and Public Works - we have the right to be proud.

Our Group's strategy draws its strength from how our Construction, Property Development and Energy activities complement each other.

We ensure there is a healthy balance between recurring business and local projects on the one hand, and complex, large-scale projects on the other hand.

Drawing on the know-how of our engineering and production teams, all our actions are based on two guiding principles: production quality and customer satisfaction. Our achievements have been won on the back of our defining competitive spirit, professionalism and passion.

Together, let us build the GCC Group's future where human values and performance are at the heart of its corporate vision and ambition.