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HVAC - Plumbing

Our activities include Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) and Plumbing. Acting in engineering, construction and maintenance, we are skilled in both small and large-scale projects, operations build from scratch or as renovations, technical maintenance of installations, custom-made restructuring and energy optimisation.

Electrical Engineering

With its needs-based solutions the Group designs, builds and maintains reliable, high-performing facilities in buildings for all power/signal system installations.

Technical Building Management

As a specialist in the automation system management GCC Group offers sustainable technical solutions by integrating equipment adapted to its clients' needs and produced by well-renowned manufacturers.

Our areas of activity cover in particular Technical Building Management, HVAC settings, remote management, energy optimisation, access control and video-surveillance.

Hydraulics And Mechanics

For contracting parties or smaller structures, GCC Group carries out and operates industrial fluid production, processing and distribution systems. The Group also delivers ventilation and drainage systems.