Our service offerings

Our expertise applied to energy efficiency.

GCC Group's Energy activities bring together a diverse array of skills in engineering, construction, maintenance, technical solutions and more. Its operational subsidiaries are involved in all phases of the life of a building and installations and offer environmentally-friendly solutions.

With its commitment to service and ability to respond to challenges the Group is able to offer its clients custom-made, high-tech solutions that keep costs and environmental impact to a minimum.

New constructions

GCC Group achieves its constructions through the teamwork of its site workers though to the supervising teams. These professionals run their worksites with a commitment to quality, operational efficiency and being reactive.

Restoration - Renovation work

The quality of commitment is also applied to restoration (refurbishment or adding new equipment) and renovation (replacing obsolete, worn or damaged equipment) work.

Our teams deliver installations that improve the comfort of the users or inhabitants while optimising energy use and respecting regulatory standards.

GCC Group assigns a manager to each of its projects who supervises the quality of the work from conception though to completion.

Maintenance and Operation

The versatility, responsiveness and technical skill of our teams guarantee optimal installations that are operationally reliable. Our client-based approach is defined by a relationship built on service, advice and trust. The aim of working together in this way is to define an offer best suited to how the construction will be used and any economical constraints.

Energy performance

Through efficient heating and electrical installations adapted to each structure and use, GCC Group is able to optimise the efficiency of its clients' buildings. With its technical expertise and knowledge of regulations, GCC is able to assists its clients in obtaining and keeping green building labels and carrying out energy audits.