School/Student relations

GCC understands the importance of recruiting young graduates.

The Group regularly welcomes new students to participate in its various activities through internships and apprenticeships. They are a key part of our recruitment policy and help nurture the privileged relations GCC Group has with numerous schools.

Relationship with further education institutions

GCC Group enjoys strong relations with various engineer schools and apprentice training centres in the Construction and Public Works sector. With its participation on the board of several institutions, GCC's executive staff offer their skills and share their industry knowledge and experience with students who may become future employees.

Also involved in the community life of numerous schools our Group sponsors events that promote exchange and participates in various student forums.


From "worker" internships to become familiar with GCC's company culture, internships to confirm your career choice as "foreman", develop managerial, analytical and assessment skills with final year internships, each year a large number of engineering and technical students come to gain experience with GCC.

As part of a team, they are immediately given responsibility in actual professional situations.


 The apprenticeships and work placement contracts offered by the Group, born as a result of a partnership formed with various apprentice training centre, apply to both works/research activities in the construction and Energy divisions and administration and finance activities.

These internships and apprenticeships are a key part of the company's recruitment policy. They are a good way to join the Group to further your skills and, in most cases, lead to a permanent contract.

A few figures

142 internships signed in 2013
85 work placement contracts in 2013 from CAP to engineering diplomas