Who are we?

Since its independence GCC Group has become one of the top ten French groups in the Construction and Public Works sector. Its expertise in construction, energy and property development have made it a global construction operator.

The key principles to our commitment and success - our working methods and the values to which our employees adhere - are what enable our Group to grow.


Employees and executives involved in the development of the Group

Since its independence GCC Group has formed a strong, durable shareholder base with its employees and executives.

They hold the large majority of the holding company's capital. This is a key part of the group's corporate spirit.

Through the implementation of various employee savings plans, GCC staff is fully involved in creating value for the Group and developing its future.


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Being close to our customers
This is expressed in terms of providing innovative solutions adapted to specific needs. It is taken on board by our sales, project and cost teams and in our all activities. Listening and dialogue facilitate better understanding of clients' needs and therefore the quality of our buildings.

Technical expertise
Our responsibility is to ensure our teams are constantly at their best and that we are up to date with changes to techniques and regulations.

This means that, in terms of expertise, our clients have the right to expect GCC to offer innovative solutions, reliable studies and quality craftsmanship.


GCC Group's men and women
As our Group's true "asset" they are the key to our success and future growth. The Group provides its employees with powerful tools and motivating responsibilities that foster job satisfaction and bring out the best in them every day.


GCC Group upholds the human values of leading by example, respect, team spirit and passion.
By sharing these values our teams have a sense of working towards a common goal to ensure the durability of our activities, not only in terms of economic performance.

« Leading by example is shown through our accountability, the way in which we take responsibility
for our missions
Catherine, Manager, Construction Division

« Respect is a key value for me because it helps build rapport with others so that the worksite will operate smoothly. It is shown by being considerate and acknowledging others ».
Rui Filipe, Site worker-Leader, Construction Division

« The team spirit can be felt during the development phases. Working together means we avoid certain mistakes by drawing from each other's experience ».
Michaël, Project manager, Energy Division

« I knew this was an opportunity to live my passion, or passions, and now means I take great enjoyment from my work ».
Jean-Paul, Sales Director, Construction Division